10-Minute Decorating Ideas

Simple, Stylish, and Budget-Friendly Projects to Refresh Your Home

KariAnne Wood

Discover more than 70 quick, easy, and stylish decorating ideas that will add seasonal warmth and charm to your home. Seriously, these projects are so easy—you can do these!
You don’t have to be an expert or carve out a lot of time to add some delightful touches to your home. If you have ten minutes, you can try one of these simple seasonal ideas. These fast projects don’t require fancy tools or any decorating experience and many use supplies you already have at home.
Show out in spring with a simple grocery-store flower arrangement, a boho basket makeover, and a creative basket storage solution.
Celebrate summer with a watering can front-door arrangement, a DIY wood shell sign, and a charcuterie board setting.
Make fall fantastic with a mini-pumpkin garland, a monogrammed doormat, and decorated pine-cones.
Welcome winter with a bottle-brush tree window display, a sleigh centerpiece, and a votive advent calendar.
If you’ve wished you could make beautiful, homemade decorations for your home but felt like you don’t have the time or talent, this book will give you the inspiration and encouragement you need to go from dreaming to doing!  

Published: September 05, 2023
Title: 10-Minute Decorating Ideas
Author: KariAnne Wood
ISBN: 9780736987646
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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