A General Relativity Coursebook

Ed Daw

General relativity is a subject that most undergraduates in physics are particularly curious about, but it has a reputation for being very difficult. This book provides as gentle an introduction to general relativity as possible, leading you through the necessary mathematics in order to arrive at important results. Of course, you cannot avoid the mathematics of general relativity altogether, but, using this book, you can gain an appreciation of tensors and differential geometry at a pace you can keep up with. Early chapters build up to a complete derivation of Einstein's Equations, while the final chapters cover the key applications on black holes, cosmology and gravitational waves. It is designed as a coursebook with just enough material to cover in a one-semester undergraduate class, but it is also accessible to any numerate readers who wish to appreciate the power and beauty of Einstein's creation for themselves.

Published: April 06, 2023
Title: A General Relativity Coursebook
Author: Ed Daw
ISBN: 9781009242455
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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