Android Smartphone Photography For Dummies

Mark Hemmings

Wait—you took that amazing picture? 

Taking a photo is as simple as point and click. Taking a good photo takes a bit more know-how, and Android Smartphone Photography For Dummies is your quick-and-easy guide. No matter what model of Android phone you have, this book teaches you to produce high-quality images using the powerhouse camera you carry in your pocket every day. You’ll learn the photography techniques pros use, like how to recognize beautiful outdoor lightning, how to capture moving subjects, and how to make stuff look good. 

Whatever kind of photos you want to take, this book will help you identify the gear and the apps you need for stunning results. With Dummies as your friendly instructor, you’ll be wowing your friends and family before you know it. 

Explore your phone’s camera, including little-known advanced features that will make a big difference in your images  Figure out how to edit your pictures, correct lighting imbalances, apply neat filters, remove blemishes, and more  Learn the basic principles of photography and apply your knowledge to outdoor photography, action shots, and still life  Plus: capture video, organize your images, share photos online, choose a phone tripod, and protect your camera from the elements 

Dummies makes it easy for Android users of all skill levels to morph into masterful image-makers. 

Published: October 06, 2021
Title: Android Smartphone Photography For Dummies
Author: Mark Hemmings
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9781119824923
Publisher: Wiley
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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