Breaking the Chains

African American Slave Resistance

William Loren Katz - Robin D. G. Kelley

Centering Black voices and the narratives of enslaved people, this young adult history offers a thoroughly researched account with first-hand testimonies of how people in bondage were themselves a driving force behind their own emancipation.

Features a new introduction by Robin D. G. Kelley, black & white illustrations and photographs, and updates throughout.

"A significant contribution to American history."–Kirkus Reviews

“[Breaking the Chains] will force many readers to reexamine their assumptions about American history….Young adults will be fascinated and better informed for having experienced this book.” –School Library Journal, starred review

Generations of American history students have grown up believing that  enslaved people accepted their lot and became attached to their enslavers, that rebellion was rare, and that liberation from slavery happened thanks to the enslavers.

Celebrated historian and children’s book author, William Loren Katz offers a thoroughly researched look at the lives of enslaved people in the United States in Breaking the Chains. From their African abductions through their brave resistance to and escape from the ships and harsh plantation life to their roles in the Civil War, those given voice here show that enslaved people themselves were a driving force behind their emancipation. 

This compelling look at history is an educational eye-opener for history buffs of all ages, and offers clarity on one of the most turbulent periods of US history. This new paperback edition features a new introduction by historian Robin D. G. Kelley. 

“Katz masterfully steers the reader step by step through the astonishing forms of resistance, both active and passive. . . . powerful and authentic.” –Publishers Weekly

Published: December 26, 2023
Title: Breaking the Chains
Author: William Loren Katz - Robin D. G. Kelley
ISBN: 9781644212660
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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