Business Basics for Musicians 2nd Edition

The Complete Handbook from Start to Success

Bobby Borg

Today, when artists are empowered to take greater control of their careers and earnings, the need for musicians to understand the business of music has never been greater. In a digital age overflowing with confusing and ever-changing information, musicians need trusted business advice from a veteran artist who can break down the basics in language they understand. Written by a professional musician for other musicians, Business Basics for Musicians is the laypersons guide to the music industry.

In this must-have manual, music industry veteran Bobby Borg presents vital info in a conversational tone and an easy-to-scan format regarding five vital areas that musicians need to succeed: Career Execution, Business Relationships, Pro Teams, Deals and Dollars, and Future Predictions. Everything from copyrights to record deals, to managers, to merchandising, to doing it yourself is covered. With pro interviews, anecdotes, and review quizzes, Business Basics for Musicians is the complete handbook from start to success.

Updates for this edition:

Changes in copyright lawsSummary of the Music Modernization ActUpdates on record, merch, publishing, and live performance deals New trends in sponsorships and partnerships with product brandsNew interviews with industry professionals, including managers, producers, and agentsNew stories paralleling current events and industry happeningsUpdated business resources, industry contacts, and URLs

Published: January 07, 2020
Title: Business Basics for Musicians
Author: Bobby Borg
Edition: 2
ISBN: 9781538134641
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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