Cambridge Lower Secondary Complete Global Perspectives: Student Book

Karem Roitman

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Complete Global Perspectives Student Book provides a clearly defined route through the subject that completely covers the three-year programme and all the required skills, making it fantastic value for money.

This resource helps students to get the most out of Global Perspectives and supports them in developing the outlook of global citizens. It contains materials and exercises that become increasingly challenging as learners make progress, and develops key skills - research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication - with engaging exercises. There are extension activities throughout, which stretch high-achieving students. End of stage reviews give learners thechance to consider and reflect on the knowledge and skills they have covered.

It is written by Karem Roitman, who brings a wealth of valuable experience from her own teaching to the subject. The approach has been reviewed and informed by a team of international experts in the subject.

Published: March 04, 2021
Title: Cambridge Lower Secondary Complete Global Perspectives: Student Book
Author: Karem Roitman
ISBN: 9781382008754
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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