Diabetes and Me

Living a Healthy and Empowered Life in the Face of Diabetes

Wendy Louise Novak - David Novak

"Children with diabetes can live full, happy, productive lives. I hope my story can stand as proof of that fact."

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age seven, Wendy Louise Novak had to create her own path in a world defined by stigma, struggle, and hope.

With little public awareness of her condition, Wendy's only role model was her fiercely independent father, who grew up in an era when diabetes meant a difficult, and often short, life. He taught her to "follow the rules" and stay self-reliant. That sense of independence carried Wendy through college to a successful career, globetrotting excitement, and a whirlwind romance with her husband, David.

Wendy built a loving family as she navigated the highs and lows of a condition that was still widely misunderstood. Despite tough times, she learned to balance following the rules with following her passions, saying, "I never wanted to be the kind of person who stayed home and worried about whether or not I could take it, and so I didn't."

Today, Wendy is the face of the Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute, which supports groundbreaking clinical services, education, and research to ensure young people with diabetes can thrive. In this honest but uplifting account of a life well lived, Wendy shares what she has learned, including practical tips for managing diabetes.

With a foreword by the author's husband, businessman and philanthropist David Novak, Diabetes and Me shows patients and families that a diagnosis doesn't define your life.

"There are always ways to experience the joys in life, no matter what it throws at you."

Published: November 14, 2023
Title: Diabetes and Me
Author: Wendy Louise Novak - David Novak
ISBN: 9781633310810
Publisher: Disruption Books
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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