Facing the Climate Emergency, Second Edition 2nd Edition

How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth

Margaret Klein Salamon - Molly Gage - Adam McKay

Overwhelmed by climate anxiety? Transform your angst into action to become the hero humanity needs

A lifeline for those suffering from climate anxiety, Facing the Climate Emergency combines expertise in clinical psychology and disruptive climate activism to help readers transform their fear and grief into courage and heroism.

The second edition of this beloved, radical self-help book provides:

An updated analysis of the context of the climate movement including COVID-19, the hunger crisis, growing political unrest, and moreAn unflinching analysis of the accelerating impacts of climate change and what they mean for each of us, personallyConcrete strategies for tackling climate anxiety, including welcoming painful feelings and using them to catalyze changeInspiring profiles of ordinary people sounding the alarm by gluing themselves to priceless works of art, blocking transportation corridors, and shutting down fossil fuel infrastructureResources, exercises for self-reflection, and an invitation to the Climate Awakening, a global virtual climate emotions platform.

Featuring a foreword by visionary filmmaker and philanthropist Adam McKay, Facing the Climate Emergency takes a deep dive into why disruptive grassroots activism is the fastest, most cost-effective path to transformative change.

Whether you're drawn to the front lines of high stakes, non-violent direct action, or prefer to play a supporting role, this guide will help you combat the forces of climate denial and discover your own power in the face of the greatest planetary crisis.


GOLD | 2023 Living Now Book Awards: Green Living


SILVER | 2021 Living Now Book Awards - Green LivingSILVER | 2020 Nautilus Book Awards: Rising to the Moment 2020

Published: May 30, 2023
Title: Facing the Climate Emergency, Second Edition
Author: Margaret Klein Salamon - Molly Gage - Adam McKay
Edition: 2
ISBN: 9781771423793
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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