Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps Volume 2

Senior Moments for the Young at Heart

Karen O'Connor

It takes grit and wit to keep standing when your skin doesn’t fit the way it used to, when you think someone stole your car but in truth you forgot where you parked it, when your grandchild looks at your figure and observes, ‘Grandma, you look like a teenager— except for your face!’”
—Karen O’Connor

This second volume of Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps celebrates the most beloved stories of acclaimed humorist Karen O’Connor. These funny and relatable tales of fellow Baby Boomers navigating their Golden Years will encourage you to cherish every antic and adventure that comes with growing older.

Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps Volume 2 is a heartfelt, joyful reminder to keep living to the fullest, no matter how much life you’ve got behind you. In addition to Karen’s signature wit and wisdom, you’ll find scriptures and prayers to nurture your spirit and remind you to keep your eyes on the One who made you, who numbered your days, and who promises that He will never leave nor forsake you, right up to your last breath—and beyond!

Published: November 01, 2022
Title: Gettin' Old Ain't for Wimps Volume 2
Author: Karen O'Connor
ISBN: 9780736984775
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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