International Regulation of Non-Military Drones

Anna Masutti - Filippo Tomasello

The authors, Anna Masutti and Filippo Tomasello, are prominent experts and authors in the field of international and European air law and should be praised for picking up the challenge to approach the civil use of drones from an impressive variety of angles. Their effort should all the more be respected because many of the questions which affect such operations are either in statu nascendi or they are not yet regulated at all. Hence this works forms an important and essential contribution not only to the establishment of the status quo of domestic, European and international regulation but also as a source of inspiration for legislators, policymakers, academics and stakeholders on how to shape a new regulatory environment.’

Published: December 28, 2018
Title: International Regulation of Non-Military Drones
Author: Anna Masutti - Filippo Tomasello
ISBN: 9781785367571
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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