Introduction to Digital Communications

Wayne Stark

Master the fundamentals of digital communications systems with this accessible and hands-on introductory textbook, carefully interweaving theory and practice. The just-in-time approach introduces essential background as needed, keeping academic theory firmly linked to practical applications. The example-led teaching frames key concepts in the context of real-world systems, such as 5G, WiFi, and GPS. Stark provides foundational material on the trade-offs between energy and bandwidth efficiency, giving students a solid grounding in the fundamental challenges of designing digital communications systems.

Features include over 300 illustrative figures, 80 examples, and 130 end-of-chapter problems to reinforce student understanding, with solutions for instructors. Accompanied online by lecture slides, computational MATLAB® and Python resources, and supporting data sets, this is the ideal introduction to digital communications for senior undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering.

Published: March 16, 2023
Title: Introduction to Digital Communications
Author: Wayne Stark
ISBN: 9781009220835
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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