Introduction to Leadership 6th Edition

Concepts and Practice

Peter G. Northouse

Includes new chapter on Working with Groups!

The Sixth Edition of Peter G. Northouse’s best-selling Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice provides readers with a clear, concise overview of the complexities of practicing leadership and concrete strategies for becoming better leaders. The text is organized around key leader responsibilities such as creating a vision, engaging strengths, and managing conflict. Case studies, self-assessment questionnaires, observational exercises, and reflection and action worksheets engage readers to apply leadership concepts to their own lives. Grounded in leadership theory and the latest research, the fully updated, highly practical Sixth Edition includes a new chapter on working with groups, 2 new cases, and 6 new Leadership Snapshots. 

Also available as a digital option (courseware). Learn more about Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, Sixth Edition - Vantage Digital Option. 

Published: November 09, 2023
Title: Introduction to Leadership
Author: Peter G. Northouse
Edition: 6
ISBN: 9781071884959
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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