Management of Complex Treatment-resistant Psychotic Disorders

Michael Cummings - Stephen Stahl

This full-color, practical handbook provides a concise, evidence-based psychopharmacological approach to the management of complex treatment-resistant psychotic disorders.

Part I focuses uniquely on topics and strategies relevant to treating this challenging patient population. These approaches go beyond standard guidelines while adhering to research and clinically derived data.

Part II provides a concise array of information regarding those classes of medications most commonly used when treating complex treatment-resistant psychotic disorders. Each medication guide contains sections including mechanisms of action, typical treatment response, monitoring, dosing and kinetics, medications to avoid in combination/warnings, and take-home pearls.

Part III offers tips in brief appendix chapters for managing common issues ranging from loading lithium and valproic acid to the treatment of acute psychomotor agitation. An essential resource for psychiatrists, forensic clinicians, psychiatric trainees, and all mental health professionals involved with, or interested in, the treatment of challenging psychotic disorders.

Published: July 22, 2021
Title: Management of Complex Treatment-resistant Psychotic Disorders
Author: Michael Cummings - Stephen Stahl
ISBN: 9781108962124
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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