Must Know High School ESL

Danielle Pelletier DePinna

A user-friendly, concept-first approach to ESL helps you learn to read, write and speak English quickly and easily

As part of our new Must Know series, Must Know High School ESL makes sure what you really need to know is clear up-front. Rather than starting with goals to be met like other study guides, chapters begin with the must know ideas, or concepts. The chapter then shows you how these important concepts will help you succeed in your studies.

Written by an expert ESL educator with decades of experience, Must Know High School ESL provides useful examples to help explain and clarify each topic, then follows up with more challenging aspects and exceptions to any rules. Every chapter closes with reinforcing exercises to help you get the practice you need and the confidence you want. With a focus on the essentials and extensive, practical examples, Must Know High School ESL shows you that understanding the must-know concepts can help you speak, read and write English quickly and painlessly.


  • Focused, must-know content approach helps you learn quickly and easily
  • Extensive, practical examples drive home essential topics
  • 250 real-life practice questions instill confidence and reinforce comprehension
  • A conversational writing style and engaging IRL (In Real Life) and BTW (By the Way) sidebars
  • Extensive audio to help you improve listening skills and comprehension
  • Bonus app: Includes 100 flashcards to reinforce concepts
  • Content aligned to national standards

Published: July 08, 2022
Title: Must Know High School ESL
Author: Danielle Pelletier DePinna
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9781264258666
Publisher: McGraw Hill LLC
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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