Paper Engineering for Pop-up Books and Cards

Mark Hiner

This authoritative book illustrates in dynamic form ten basic mechanisms which are used in making popup books. It offers many imaginative possibilities for the hobbyist, or the student of design and technology. Each of the ten basic mechanisms is illustrated by a working model which you can cut out and make: Multiple layers Floating layers V-fold Magic box Moving arm Rotating disc Sliding motion Pull-up planes Pivoting motion Dissolving scenes.

When finished, each working model glues back into the book on a special tab and folds away to make a kind of three dimensional dictionary or encyclopaedia. For each working model there is also a page called technical considerations which points out important features of the mechanism and suggests how it might be used to create original designs of your own.

Published: July 30, 2021
Title: Paper Engineering for Pop-up Books and Cards
Author: Mark Hiner
ISBN: 9781858118338
Publisher: Tarquin Group
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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