Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar, Premium Fourth Edition 4th Edition

Marcel Danesi

All the practice and instruction you need to communicate effectively in Italian—now with an enhanced app featuring text-to-speech!

If you are a beginner to intermediate Italian language learner, getting a handle on grammar is your key to communicating correctly and effectively. In Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar, you'll find tons of practice and everything else you need—instruction, clear explanations, and comparisons to English grammar—to build your knowledge and communicate more effectively in Italian.

Based on the successful approach of the Practice Makes Perfect series, Complete Italian Grammar, Premium Fourth Edition covers all aspects of Italian grammar you'll need to master, from all the key verb tenses to noun, adjective, pronoun, and preposition usage. Crystal-clear explanations, realistic examples and extensive array of engaging exercises help you focus your efforts on the practical aspects of communicating in Italian.

With an additional boost from the high-frequency vocabulary used throughout the book and an answer key for reference and quick feedback, Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar is the best, most indispensable workbook to help you upgrade your command of the language.

Published: December 29, 2023
Title: Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Italian Grammar, Premium Fourth Edition
Author: Marcel Danesi
Edition: 4
ISBN: 9781266017896
Publisher: McGraw Hill LLC
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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