Professional JavaScript for Web Developers 5th Edition

Matt Frisbie

Update and upgrade your JavaScript skillset for ES 2023 with the ultimate JavaScript guide for pros

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 5th edition, is the gold-standard in intermediate-to-advanced JavaScript programming development books. The author dives directly into the inner workings of JavaScript to help you clean up your code and become a more sophisticated and talented JavaScript developer. From object-oriented programming and inheritance to combining JavaScript with HTML and other markup languages, expert computer engineer Matt Frisbie walks you through everything you need to know to level-up your JavaScript game.

This new edition is updated to include ECMAScript 2023 and later standard releases, the most useful techniques, and a relentless focus on code that works seamlessly in mobile web browsers and with the latest common frameworks and libraries. With this book, you will:

  • Get up to date with ECMAScript 2023
  • Get acquainted with the newest frameworks and libraries
  • Explore advanced topics such as web animation, workers, and the latest APIs
  • Get a head start on future ES releases
  • Learn to use modern syntax and best practices
  • Understand how to optimize performance in JavaScript applications
  • Master asynchronous programming patterns using promises, generators, and async/await

Perfect for those who think they already know JavaScript “pretty well,” Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 5th edition, is the pro-level update that intermediate and advanced web developers have been waiting for.

Published: August 15, 2023
Title: Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
Author: Matt Frisbie
Edition: 5
ISBN: 9781394193226
Publisher: Wiley
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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