Research Handbook on Transitional Justice

Cheryl Lawther - Luke Moffett - Dov Jacobs

Providing detailed and comprehensive coverage of the transitional justice field, this Research Handbook brings together leading scholars and practitioners to explore how societies deal with mass atrocities after periods of dictatorship or conflict. Situating the development of transitional justice in its historical context, social and political context, it analyses the legal instruments that have emerged.

The Research Handbook is extensive in scope, with chapters discussing the concepts, actors, mechanisms and practices of transitional justice. They address the challenges of implementing a range of transitional justice mechanisms, including methods of truth recovery, criminal trials and reparation and lustration programmes. Going a step further, this book also expands the gaze of transitional justice to include underexplored areas, such as art and transitional justice, media and transitional justice and unique international case studies, such as Cambodia and Palestine.

Timely and thought provoking, the Research Handbook on Transitional Justice will be of interest to both scholars and students, particularly those working in the areas of transitional justice and peace-building. It will also prove a valuable reference tool for practitioners of transitional justice and international criminal justice, helping to inform best practice.

Contributors: A. Breslin, B.C. Browne, A. Davidian, S. Dezalay, P.J. Dixon, A. Fichtelberg, L.E. Fletcher J. Gallen, T. Hadden, T.O. Hansen, C. Harwood, R. Hodzic, C.M. Horne, E. Kenney, R. Killean, C. Lawther, P. McAuliffe, F. Mégret, L. Moffett, C. O'Rourke, J.R. Quinn, N. Roht-Arriaza, M. Schkolne, D.N. Sharp, L. Stan, D. Tolbert, C. Turner, R. Vagliano, H. van der Merwe, H.M. Weinstein

Published: June 30, 2017
Title: Research Handbook on Transitional Justice
Author: Cheryl Lawther - Luke Moffett - Dov Jacobs
ISBN: 9781781955314
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Language: English
Formats: PDF


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