Restoring Time

Lia Davis - Kerry Adrienne

The Nightshade Guild: Chapter Three - The year the Guild was lost in time.The time scythe is gone and with it the mages of the Nightshade Guild. Scattered through the ages, the mages will have to use their wits and powers to survive the time period they were sent to and find their way home. With the mages gone, who will protect the world?Restoring Time is Book 11 of The Nightshade Guild Chapter Three.

The reading order for this chapter is:Rocking Time by Lia Davis and Kerry AdrienneDefying Time by Mandy RoskoIlluminating Time by Renee HewettDueling Time by Sheri LynDarkest Time by Cherron RiserLosing Time by Jennifer WedmoreTime After Time by Louisa BacioSwing Time by Cassidy K. O'ConnorTime Maverick by Gracen MillerCrucible Time by Landra GrafRestoring Time by Lia Davis and Kerry AdrienneThe Mages of the Guild encourage you to read Chapter One and Two which should be read in this order:Chapter OneMated to a Mage by Cassidy K. O'ConnorMage you Blink by Gracen MillerMage you Look by Abigail KadeShadow Mage by Lia DavisMage Crafted by Cherron RiserMage of Misfortune by Lily WinterMage in Hell by Sheri LynSunny Mage by Jessica RipleyHalf-Blood Mage by Landra GrafSea Mage by Louisa BacioYou Mage Me by Jennifer WedmoreMidwinter Mage by Kerry AdrienneMage to Disobey by Mandy RoskoChapter TwoMagic Mishap by Lily WinterMagic Confined by Mandy RoskoMagic Clouded by Renee HewettMagic Mayhem by Louisa BacioMagic Mourning by Cherron RiserMagic Flawed by Jennifer WedmoreMagic Deadfall by Gracen MillerMagic Exposed by Lia DavisMagic Reflected by Sheri LynMagic Masque by Kerry AdrienneMagic Malfunction by Abigail KadeMagic Burned by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Published: November 30, 2023
Title: Restoring Time
Author: Lia Davis - Kerry Adrienne
ISBN: 9781949575415
Publisher: Celtic Hearts Press
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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