Sustainability Management

Global Perspectives on Concepts, Instruments, and Stakeholders

Rüdiger Hahn

Driven by mega trends such as climate change, migration, globalization, or population development, sustainable development and sustainability management have now become vital areas of concern for almost all firms. This textbook provides comprehensive knowledge on sustainability management to reduce costs and risks, increase reputation and legitimacy, generate competitive advantages, and advance the sustainable development of companies and society.

The book covers not only the concepts of sustainable development and sustainability management but also the relevant instruments and tools used in all essential management domains such as marketing, accounting, supply chain management, innovation management, and many others. Furthermore, this sustainability management textbook employs an extensive stakeholder perspective to illuminate the influence of various actors, such as employees, customers, investors, or governmental/non-governmental organizations. Special features of this textbook:

Faces of sustainability: These features introduce thought leaders in sustainability from all areas of society.Sustainability in business: These features provide examples of sustainability and unsustainability in business practice from all over the world.Sustainability in society: These features illustrate practical challenges, ideas, and concepts of sustainability from a societal point of view.Sustainability in research: These features give a recap on seminal research articles on different aspects of sustainability management.

Additional Material

The book is supported by an extensive range of online resources for students and course instructors that can be accessed via


"One of the leading scholars on sustainable business takes the classroom into the 21st century. A must-read for students, executives, and thought leaders interested in the management of sustainability." Dirk Matten (Schulich School of Business)

"This is more than a textbook. It's a handbook for anyone who is interested in sustainability from the most to the least sophisticated." Robert G. Eccles (Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)

"A wonderful, timely, and badly needed resource for instructors. The text is both very current and built on a flexible framework. In the dynamic, unfolding field of sustainability management, this is an essential quality." Michael V. Russo (University of Oregon)

"The book is highly timely and succeeds in achieving an excellent balance between the big picture of sustainability management and the necessary level of detail. Great help for teachers and students alike!" Minna Halme (Aalto University School of Business)

"Finally, a book fully focused on sustainability management! This book gives an excellent overview of the strategic and operational dimensions of making sustainability a reality in contemporary business." Jonatan Pinkse (The University of Manchester)

"Cutting edge, innovative, and comprehensive, Rüdiger Hahn sets the standard for the next generation of texts that address the most important challenges facing business today." Andrew Crane (University of Bath)

"Sustainability management can only be comprehensive when it allows for tensions, and thoroughly considers the perspective of the Global South. This textbook presents the reader with tools to enable them to deal with tensions, and will be helpful to both decision-makers and communities in raising awareness of the importance of diverse perspectives." Edeltraud Günther (United Nations University)

Published: February 12, 2022
Title: Sustainability Management
Author: Rüdiger Hahn
Edition: 1
ISBN: 9783982321110
Publisher: Rüdiger Hahn
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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