The Basic Basics Kitchen Hacks and Hints

350+ amazing tips for seasoned chefs and aspirational cooks

Glynn Christian

TV-chef and food journalist Glynn Christian has been making cooks and chefs say Gosh! for over 40 years as he shared how ingredients work, demonstrated better techniques and revealed culinary secrets.

This handbook collects over 300 of Glynn’s 'gosh-factor' hacks, explaining how best to handle garlic, why dull pasta is better, how to judge a Pavlova, how to make the frilly crusts on Portuguese egg tarts and why it should be ‘thumbs-up’ on kitchen knives. There’s a better way to roast nuts, a simpler way to bone small fish, a more reliable way to wok and a ban on foil tents. Plus frozen olives to keep a straight-up martini ice-cold.

Published: August 26, 2021
Title: The Basic Basics Kitchen Hacks and Hints
Author: Glynn Christian
ISBN: 9781911667933
Publisher: Grub Street
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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