The Call

Patricia Cornelius

Funny, disturbing and bittersweet, The Call is an enthralling drama about a young man looking to escape a suburban life.

Gary stares into the eyes of a chook. After laying 20,000 eggs and spending an entire life inside a tiny cage, she’s facing the chop.

Gary has had a confined life too—most of it spent looking for girls, stealing cars and wagging school. Now it’s become a succession of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.

But Gary yearns for something that can make sense of life for him—give it meaning. He hears the call. One that roars inside him. A call of the wild, a call to arms, a call to prayer, a call of adventure...

Published: May 01, 2009
Title: The Call
Author: Patricia Cornelius
ISBN: 9781760620813
Publisher: Currency Press
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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