The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook

Evidence-Based CBT Skills to Help You Manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and More

Michael A. Tompkins - Judith S. Beck

Written by a leading expert in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this workbook offers powerful, evidence-based skills to improve your mental health, so you can get back to living your life!

Have you been struggling with sadness, worry, stress, or even insomnia? You certainly aren’t alone. As our world becomes an increasingly uncertain place, many people are discovering that they need help managing depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the gold standard treatment for these conditions. This comprehensive workbook distills the very latest CBT research into an easy-to-use guide you can use to start feeling better now.

In The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook, you’ll find proven-effective techniques to help you build resilience, deal effectively with life’s challenges, work through difficult thoughts and feelings, and improve your overall well-being. You’ll also discover cutting-edge CBT practices that target rumination, self-compassion, self-esteem, and chronic anger. By practicing each skill outlined in this workbook, you’ll build your own mental wellness toolkit to draw from when you need it most.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or any other mental health concern, you don’t have to go it alone. This workbook will support you as you begin healing, step by step.

Published: February 01, 2024
Title: The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook
Author: Michael A. Tompkins - Judith S. Beck
ISBN: 9781648482045
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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