The Complete Portrait Manual

200+ Tips & Techniques for Shooting the Perfect Photos of People

The Editors of Popular Photography

A trusted reference for beginners looking to master the portrait or lifelong photographers looking to try a new twist on the classic genre.

The editors of Popular Photography pooled all their knowledge from their 70+ years of experience to bring you the most comprehensive guide to portraits on the market: The Complete Portrait Manual. Whether you’re after snapshots of loved ones laughing, impressive studio headshots, fun yet tasteful selfies, or lightning-fast captures of athletes doing the thing they love, this guide will help you produce the perfect portrait.

In chapters on how to flatter your subjects with poses and angles, light them just right, and retouch your photos in post-production, you’ll learn how to:

·      Get to Know Your Subjects

·      Pick Props that Show Personality

·      Snap a Nice Selfie

·      Craft Environmental Portraits

·      Hide Flaws with Clever Angles

·      Take Candid Street Shots

·      Pick Poses that Flatter

·      Zoom In on Telling Details

·      Shoot Truly Joyful Holiday Portraits

·      Freeze a Subject’s Fleeting Reflection

·      Set Up Avedon Lighting

·      Know Your Light Sources

·      Flatter with a Ring Light

·      Mimic Film Noir Shadows

·      Slow a Spinning Ballerina with Long Exposure

·      Combine Natural and Studio Light

·      Select Light Modifiers

·      Capture Musicians with Limited Lighting

·      Make Nostalgic Portraits with Film

·      Understand Retouching Tools

·      Go Classic with Black and White Conversion

·      Craft Whimsical Composites

·      Repair Old Photos of Loved Ones

·      Minimize Lines and Skin Flaws

·      Whiten Teeth and Eyes

·      Make Cautious Use of the Liquify Tool

·      Brighten Exposure for Breezier Snapshots

Published: January 12, 2016
Title: The Complete Portrait Manual
Author: The Editors of Popular Photography
ISBN: 9781681881331
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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