The Perfect Match

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist

Dandy Smith

'Omg the twist!!!' Reader review, 5 stars
'Wowsers... still has my head spinning!' Reader review, 5 stars
'This book was the wildest ride ever! Twisty! Unpredictable!' Reader review, 5 stars

She loves him, but can she trust him?

When I meet Henry by chance at a wedding, it is love at first sight. He's charming, handsome and successful - everything I've ever wanted.

When he proposes, it seems like all my dreams are coming true.

But Ivy, my best friend, isn't happy for me at all. She tells me I am making a huge mistake and accuses Henry of something unthinkable.

I know it can't be true. But why would Ivy lie to me?

Now someone is dead and I need to find the truth, whatever it costs me. Before I lose everyone I've ever loved...

A totally gripping read with a killer twist you won't see coming. Fans of K.L Slater, Lisa Jewell and C.L Taylor will be hooked by Dandy Smith.

Readers are gripped by The Perfect Match:

'I LOVE all of the twists and turns... Kept me on my toes and made it so hard to put it down for even a brief moment... A must read!' Reader review, 5 stars

'Clear your schedules before even looking at the first page as you will not be able to put this book down!!!!' Reader review, 5 stars

'A gripping and twisting relationship based psychological thriller that kept me up till the early hours... The ending is once again unexpected and unsettling leaving me wanting more!' Reader review, 5 stars

'Super gripping... hard for me to put it down!' Reader review, 5 stars

'I loved the twists. Such an awesome book' Reader review, 5 stars

Published: January 19, 2023
Title: The Perfect Match
Author: Dandy Smith
ISBN: 9781471411755
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction
Language: English
Formats: ePub


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