The Systems Work of Social Change

How to Harness Connection, Context, and Power to Cultivate Deep and Enduring Change

Cynthia Rayner - François Bonnici

The issues of poverty, inequality, racial justice, and climate change have never been more pressing or paralyzing. Current approaches to social change, which rely on industrial models of production and power to "solve" social problems, are not helping. In fact, they are designed to entrench the status quo. In The Systems Work of Social Change, Cynthia Rayner and François Bonnici draw on two hundred years of history and a treasure trove of stories ofcommitted social changemakers to uncover principles and practices for social change that radically depart from these approaches.Rather than delivering "solutions," these principles and practices focus on the process of change itself.

Through rich storytelling and lucid analysis, Rayner and Bonnici show that connection, context, and power sit at the heart of the change process, ensuring broader agency for people and communities to create social systems that are responsive and representative in a rapidly changing world. Simple yet profound, this book distills a timely set of lessons for practitioners, leaders, scholars,and policymakers.

Published: August 05, 2021
Title: The Systems Work of Social Change
Author: Cynthia Rayner - François Bonnici
ISBN: 9780192599377
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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