Monica Prince

In this radical twenty-first century choreopoem, Dorian, a youngAmerican Black man, is tasked by an ancestral spirit to thwart hisinevitable murder. He traces his family tree, from his grandmother tohis offspring, uncovering secrets of sex work, self-harm, and assaultalongside snapshots of #BlackBoyJoy. Guided by The Novelist, anomniscient muse, and her troupe of dancers, Dorian must interrogatehis legacy, forgive his past, and reckon with being Black in modernAmerica. He tries on different selves and possible futures in his increasingdesperation to experience the luxury of growing old and finding solacedespite institutional racism declaring him a threat. Through the poetry,dance, and song of Roadmap, will Dorian overcome the odds or becomeanother hashtag?

Published: July 01, 2023
Title: Roadmap
Author: Monica Prince
ISBN: 9781951631307
Publisher: Santa Fe Writer's Project
Language: English
Formats: PDF | ePub


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